Injections, Infusions , Mesovitamins

IV injections & Infusions is a way of bringing vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids directly into bloodstream via intravenous infusion (drip) for optimum health benefits.



Amino acids
Essence of life. Has various physiological functions

Various roles, such as the adjustment of blood and biological fluids

An essential energy source

Adjusts physiological functions and makes metabolism smooth

Nucleic acids
Restoration of genes, adjustment of metabolism

Active peptides
Helps modulate physiological systems

Lipid and Fatty Acids
One of the important materials used to make cells

Element to connect between cells works to suppress inflammation

Essential nutrients for the body

Serve a wide range of important functions in the body

SERVICES Injections and Infusions Fees
Single Multivitamin (IV or IM) injection £ 180
Course of 4 Multivitamin injections or infusions £ 620
Glutathione with Vitamin C course of 6 injections £ 1200
Placental Extract 100% Purified single injection £ 800
Placental Extract 100% Purified course of 4 injections  £ 3000
Biotin Hair single £ 100
Multivitamin Meso (face or neck) £ 150
Modified Myers Plus, Fat burner Plus and Performance Booster Plus, Immuno Booster Concentrate Coming soon