Laser Treatment

It includes indications related to minimizing signs of aging such as skin laxity, wrinkles, and liver spots. Aesthetic medicine also plays a role in the treatment of excess fat, cellulite and obesity. Laser based therapies can be indicated for thetreatment of scars, unwanted hair, skin discoloration, and spider veins.

SERVICES  Single Session Fees
 Ablation Skin Resurfacing (Face) £400
Acne treatment (Face) £250
Pigmentation therapy, freckle removal £100
skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal £200
spider veins removal (Face) £100
spider veins removal (Legs) £100
hair removal (Face) £100
hair removal (arms) £100
hair removal (Back) £150
hair removal (Chest/Abdomen) £150
hair removal (upper Legs) £140
hair removal (lower Legs ) £100
Hair removal (whole Body) £300
Tattoo removal (depend on size) £50 – £300
Radiofrequency skin tightening (face) £150
Birth Mark removal £100
carbon Peel / skin Brightening £150
Nevus Removal £150
Melasma treatment £100
Smooth  scars (burnt, surgery, traumatic) £100
sun damage recovery £100
Skin tag removal £50 each
vaginal tightening treatment £650
Plasma Fibroblast around eyes £100

The prices shown are starting prices and will be different for male clients.