Platelets Rich Plasma

It is an innovative and promising approach in regenerative medicine. PRP is the concentration of your own body’s platelets in a small amount of plasma. This self-derived product possesses immense capabilities related to tissue
regeneration. Clinical data shows that PRP promotes tissue healing by releasing a large amount of growth factors from the platelets in the treated area. Each growth factor has a unique role in stimulating biochemical pathways that promote skin repair. Together, they create a synergistic effect for maximal regenerative results.
PRP treatment decreases hair-loss and increases hair volume and quality. PRP enhances the outcome of FUE transplant procedures. In tendinopathies, RegenKit A-PRP provides significant clinical benefits in up to 90% of patients with continuous improvement over time

  • Results in an increased number of collagen fibers1,2
  • Leads to enhancement of skin texture and elasticity3
  • Decreases hair-loss and increases hair volume & strenh
Full face single session £ 350
Full face and neck single session £ 430
Both hands single session £ 300
Both hands (3) three sessions £ 760
Full face (3) three sessions £ 850
Full face and neck (3) three sessions £ 1150
Hair Loss single  session £ 400
Hair Loss (3) three sessions £1000

The prices shown are starting prices and will be different for male clients.